Woman Charged $92 for 2.7-mile Uber Ride

As transportation continues to evolve, the way that you choose to get to your ...

As transportation continues to evolve, the way that you choose to get to your destination might be on an ever changing cycle. While the taxi might have been popular in more crowded cities in the past, companies like Uber have given rise to an all-new way to get around. If you think about it, the competition is good for the consumer as the availability of different options will keep prices down and with a highly reviewed service like this, you can even take a look at who it is that’s going to be chauffeuring you around and pick drivers that appear to be the most professional.

However, in some less spoken about situations, you can really get rocked right in the wallet if you aren’t careful with these different companies that provide a personal taxi service. In this case, we catch up with a woman who hopped on board of a Uber that was supposed to take her a mere 2.7 miles to her destination, a ride that probably took about five minutes or less and would normally cost around $7… What happened next was beyond insane.

Screen Shot 2017-04-07 at 9.24.05 AM

With Uber’s “surge pricing,” a pricing model that raises the cost to ride during high demand periods of time, it would turn out that this ride wasn’t even close to the anticipated price. Sure, when rides are at a premium you might expect the rates to rise just a little bit but getting slapped with a $92 bill for her experience was just a little bit outrageous to this rider. You can’t really say that I blame her, either.

Now, if you want to get the whole scoop with the full details of the situation and exactly why Uber defended these rates, you can check out the video below that will give you the details. After checking out the situation thoroughly, what do you think of this issue? Is surge pricing taking advantage of unsuspecting customers or was this just one big horrible mistake?

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