Why This Guy Will Never Own Another Chevy Axle

While you’re working away on your vehicle, trying to put together a machine ...

While you’re working away on your vehicle, trying to put together a machine that’s a little bit of fun to be behind the wheel of, you will soon discover that there are lots of parts that you want and lots of parts that you have tried out but just don’t happen to work. This time, we come across a gentleman who has been working on his Pontiac Firebird and he’s really adamant about a part that he has installed that really doesn’t seem to be working for him. In this one, he tells us all about why he dislikes Chevrolet rear ends so much that he will never take the liberty of purchasing one for one of his vehicles ever again.

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Now, you know that a part has to cause some sort of ruckus for someone, at least in their personal experience, when they’re able to rant on and on about it for four minutes and how horrible it is. According to this DIY mechanic, after his Chevy axle went bad, ot would end up putting a damper on a whole bunch of other parts that he would now have to replace thanks to the damage caused by a bad bearing. Now, it looks like he’s going to have to go down some other road and spend a good amount of money for the replacement parts for the car.

Check out the video down below that shows off one of the struggles of owning any car! Figuring out the best combination that will stay together and take the most abuse is the key to having the most peaceful lifestyle of wrenching. From your personal experience, do you prefer a Chevrolet rear ends or something else that will take a little bit more of a beating? It certainly seems like this guy is at the end of his rope with the former!

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