When Showing Off In Front of Girls Goes Horribly Wrong!

We’ve seen guys do some pretty stupid stuff to try to impress a woman. We’ve seen ...

We’ve seen guys do some pretty stupid stuff to try to impress a woman. We’ve seen them do some REALLY stupid stuff to try to impress more than one woman. This just might be the stupidest thing we’ve ever seen a guy do to impress a couple of women, because not only did he fail to impress them, he damn near killed them! Now we have to say, as soon as this video opened, we knew it was going to end badly, but we didn’t know just how bad it was going to be. Luckily, we didn’t have to wait long.

You have a guy on a bike. Seems harmless enough, right? There’s a large group of people and a row of other bikes, and a couple of beautiful ladies standing beside our hero and his trusty ride. The first sign of danger comes when the first young lady climbs on the bike with the guy, because instead of getting on the back like a normal passenger, she sits in front of him, placing her shapely backside right on the gauge cluster of the bike. The other chick climbs on the back seat, tripling up the passenger total on a bike that was truly meant for one – yes we know they can haul a passenger but they were meant to be ridden by a single rider – but that seemed to be part of this guy’s plan all along. So with his two beauties saddled up, the rider does what any guy would do and lays down a burnout, or at least he tried. Maybe it was the added weight from the passengers or maybe he was distracted. Either way, the burnout is a fail.

Unfazed by the burnout snafu, the passenger situated on the front of the bike pulls the rider in for a passionate kiss. Just as their lips meet, the rider revs the bike and dumps the clutch, launching himself, his bike, and his beautiful passengers directly into the line of bikes in the background. Surprisingly, the crowd doesn’t really even seem to care, leaving myself wondering if this is something that happens regularly at this location, or if everybody already knew this guy was going to pull something really stupid?

This guy knows how to impress th…

This guy knows how to impress the ladies

Posted by Street Mayhem on Saturday, July 29, 2017

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