What is He On? Man Doses Off Behind The Wheel As Police Try to Wake Him Up!

It’s hard to say what drug or drugs this man had taken before the cops rolled ...

It’s hard to say what drug or drugs this man had taken before the cops rolled up on him, but he was definitely out of it. You can clearly see the cops doing everything they can to wake him up, yet for the first few tense moments, he was unconscious, unaware of the authorities trying to rouse him from his drug-induced slumber.

Before they try to wake him, one of the officers has the foresight to slide a stop strip device under the suspect’s car, as it seems likely he may try to evade arrest when he comes to surrounded by cops. With the stop strip in place, the patrolmen begin the task of waking the driver, which proves incredibly difficult. They start as you’d expect, by knocking on the window. That does nothing to wake the driver, so they escalate to pounding on the glass. With no activity from the sleeping suspect, one officer finally resorts to forcefully rocking the car back and forth, which finally does the trick.

With the suspect returning to consciousness, they demand him to put the car into park, eliminating much of the risk involved to the officers had the driver tried to flee, or even if his foot slipped off the brake pedal. The drowsy driver lowers the window and complies fully with the officers’ commands once he’s awake, which the officers were certainly glad to see. The driver exits the car calmly and appears to be cooperating fully as the clip ends, though we have to assume he was going to at least spend a night in custody while his body clears out whatever drugs he’d taken. Thankfully this situation ended peacefully, as it could have easily taken a turn for the worse if the suspect had woken up and panicked, putting the officers, other motorists and his own life at risk. Instead, hopefully he was able to sleep off the effects and faces only minor charges.

NODDING OFF ON THE OFF-RAMPPassing out behind the wheel is never a good idea. Unable to wake up when CHP officers are rocking your car back and forth just makes it worse.It happened on the off-ramp from 805 to Imperial.You can watch it play out below, and find out what we uncovered here: http://bit.ly/2rUrAkG

Posted by 10News – ABC San Diego KGTV on Wednesday, May 24, 2017

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