Uber Slams Through Gas Station Causing Huge Fire! Miraculously, The Driver and Passenger Survived.

This is a terrifying situation. We have no idea why this Uber driver was driving so ...

This is a terrifying situation. We have no idea why this Uber driver was driving so fast, but apparently just before plowing into this convenience store gas pump, he or she rammed a car, sending it into a collision with a tree, then sped headlong into this Shell station, where it ramped the ditch and literally flew into the gas pumps.

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As you would expect, this resulted in a huge fireball as the small SUV finally came to a stop in the store parking lot. Reports from Seattle, where the incident took place, state that the driver and passenger – who certainly left a 1-Star rating for this driver – both escaped the incident with their lives, though we don’t know if there were any injuries to the driver of the Honda that was also involved.

It’s an absolute miracle there wasn’t another car at the pump getting gas at the time of this incident, which could have drastically changed the situation for the worse. What do you think, was the driver trying too hard to get to the destination on time, or maybe they suffered some kind of medical emergency that caused them to lose control of the SUV?

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