Two People Are Now Dead After Hellcat Jumps Over Ravine During Top Speed Test at Colorado Airport

Being behind the wheel of a fast car can really be a liberating experience. Anyone ...

Being behind the wheel of a fast car can really be a liberating experience. Anyone who has ever driven something with a little bit of kick under the hood can attest to the fact that laying into that throttle really gives you a feeling that’s second to none. However, out on the streets, there isn’t too much that you can really do to unleash the beast that’s hiding out in the engine bay. Therefore, drivers will take to tracks and other off-road surfaces, like airstrips, to satisfy their need for speed. It’s at places like these you can really open up the throttle and see exactly what the car can do.

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This time, however, we came across a story that is rather heartbreaking. As a pair of enthusiasts in Lynd Fitzgerald, age 71, of Colorado Springs, with Roger Lichtenberger, 76, of San Marcos, California, would head out in a Dodge Hellcat to do a little bit of spirited driving on an airstrip, they would soon meet an unfortunate fate as they would get too to close to the end of the runway, sending the car off of the side of a mountain, into a ravine where it would roll over multiple times before the occupants would be pronounced dead later on.

Now, it’s important to note that this did happen while the two had permission to be on the runway, however, it wasn’t any sort of sanctioned event. As of now, it appears as if what might have happened was the car got up too much of a rate of speed without leaving enough space to slow down.

Therefore, when the driver went for the brakes, it was probably far too late as the car would end up skidding into the depths below as skid marks were reportedly found near the end of the runway.

Video Below is NOT of the crash, just a similar event and a different car.

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