Two Guys Get into a Fight at The Drag Strip… Too Much Ego!

Sure, everybody loves a good matchup on the track or street but, when it comes to ...

Sure, everybody loves a good matchup on the track or street but, when it comes to grudge racing, another element can be thrown into the mix with the back-and-forth that happens before the race even gets underway and sometimes it can bleed over to after the race is done and over with.

This time, we ride along with the guys over at Detroit Hood TV as they cover some of the behind-the-scenes that goes into a grudge race that we’re not even sure actually ended up happening. Race or no race, the banter between these guys is entertainment enough for us!

With two competitive drivers and a whole selection of cars to choose from, the conversation goes on and on about what kind of car is a street car and what race is going to have how much money on it and who was driving which car. Yeah, we’re confused at this point too.

Just as the exchange of words escalated to a point where these guys were about to throw down with flying fists, the camera cuts off so that the guy behind it can help to break up the fight. If you want to see this dramatic negotiation going down, be sure to check out the video below that will put you on the spot with the arguing that didn’t really go very far before both parties got incredibly heated! I wonder if all of that smack talk ever actually led to a race.

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