This Fully Rotating Camper Puts a New *SPIN* on Tiny Homes.

When you look across the landscape of different structures that one can live in, ...

When you look across the landscape of different structures that one can live in, there are really all sorts of diverse options out there to choose from. You can go with a place that has a lot of square footage or, as we see in this one, a smaller house, even a tiny home. In this one, we check out a dwelling that puts a completely different spin, quite literally, on what you can expect out of these tiny little homes. Even though it doesn’t offer much space, this small house really has a lot to offer in other ways, bringing functionality to the forefront.

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Complete with a wind turbine and solar panels, this home is not only completely self-sufficient but also offers one other major factor that sets it aside from the pack in a big way. Instead of just being a stationary home, this one rotates on an axis, allowing it to spin in whatever direction it needs to in order to do a variety of different things whether it be giving you the best view possible or making itself as efficient as possible to make the most of the power generating measures. It truly is a neat little home that could prove to make for happy living in the long run.

Check out the video below that takes you inside of this home and gives you the rundown on exactly what you can expect if you were to go out and buy one for yourself. This might not be the future for everyone but for some who could really downsize a little bit, this tiny home might just be the way to go. After checking it out for yourself, be sure to tell us what you think of this small home and if you think that you would be able to live inside of it without an issue.

High-tech camper unfolds to reveal a 2-bedroom tiny house

This rotating camper puts a new *spin* on tiny homes.

Posted by Curbed on Wednesday, September 13, 2017

This rotating camper puts a new *spin* on tiny homes.

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