These Are The Top 10 WORST Crash Tests… Ouch!

When a car is put out in the market, crash testing has to be done to get the machine ...

When a car is put out in the market, crash testing has to be done to get the machine up to safety standards for both legal reasons and for the information of the consumer. Tests like these go down with pretty much every single car that you see on the road these days. As you could probably imagine, some of these machines are a lot worse off than others as they’re subjected to test that attempts to crunch them in every way possible. When it comes to doing something like this, only the strong will survive and the others will be left crumble under the pressure, quite literally, being left with an ugly mark for potential consumers.

In this video, we get the chance to check out some of these crash tests in a compilation video that took the liberty of taking ten of the worst of the worst and putting them all together. I’m not sure how much weight something like this will actually have when you head out to buy a car but, if you see a car here in this video that you were thinking about adding to your driveway, it might just make you think twice about taking a second look at it and making sure that it is all it’s cracked up to be. After all, nobody wants to hop into a car and find out too late that it just isn’t something that’s able to handle any type of abuse in an accident.

Follow along with the video below that shows that the crash and burn that’s oh so real! Also, be sure to chime in with what you think of the cars that have made this list and if there are any others that you think should be included in this top ten that attempts to bring you the worst of the worst. With some of these crash tests, you have to really wonder how exactly it is that most of these cars made it this far in the first place.

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