The Most Dangerous and Extreme Railways in the World! Incredible Train Journeys!

You know what they say, sometimes, you take things for granted and you don’t ...

You know what they say, sometimes, you take things for granted and you don’t realize what you’ve got until it’s gone. Here in America, people might see certain things to be an inconvenience like hopping on a crowded subway during rush hour but, when you take a look around at the way that other places operate with their transportation, you might just have a new found appreciation for the way things are here.

Sure, sitting in rush hour traffic might seem like a headache to you in this wonderful country of ours, but when you take a look at this video that shows train systems from around the world, you really get to look at how bad it can actually be. It will almost make sitting in your air-conditioned vehicle and being able to listen to the radio seem like a dream compared to what some of these folks are going through a regular basis.

From a location that has to pull back their storefronts so they don’t get run over by a local train to trains that are overcrowded with people to the point where they are riding on the top of the vehicle, causing a whole collection of deaths thanks to a dangerous method of transportation and even trains that roll along dilapidated tracks that are about to fall into the water, this really shows you how sketchy and dangerous your commute could be and puts things into perspective just a little bit.

Check out the video below that shows us some of the most dangerous and extreme railways in the entire world. Some of this stuff might seem to be out in left field to you but, you have to realize, that even though things might not seem like they’re great in your daily life, not everywhere in the world is fortunate enough to have all of the safety and convenience measures that we have here in the States today.


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