The Heart Of The Dodge Demon on the Engine Dyno! Solid Numbers!

When manufacturers release their performance cars, with every car comes a horsepower ...

When manufacturers release their performance cars, with every car comes a horsepower number that generally the public really clings on to. For example, at this point in time, even people who don’t really know cars at are all are very aware of the fact that the Hellcat platform is designed to create 707 hp.

With the Demon platform coming out, we can expect even more power, in fact, Dodge promises that the muscle car will be able to crank out an astonishing 840 hp. That’s beginning to get to a place that not many production cars have even come close to seeing before and it should be exciting to see how it all equates to the real world performance.

In this one, we check out a little bit of dyno testing to see exactly how this engine would stand up to the test as it’s cranked up to 6,300 rpm to see just how much bite this power plant is really capable of. The test would last five minutes as the engine would be put under a load to see exactly how the performance pans out but this video is sped up to 400% for your viewing pleasure.

Check out the operation below to get proof to the back of the numbers that Dodge is relaying to you about exactly how much power the new Demon is going to make. At this point, we’re raring and ready to see how this thing is going to look when it fall into consumer hands and heads out to drag strip around the country.

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