The Biggest Nitrous Shot in History!

When you’re out there putting together the pieces that dictate how you’re ...

When you’re out there putting together the pieces that dictate how you’re going to make your car go fast, selecting different parts and constructing the total picture in your head, it can be hard to look away from a power adder like nitrous. It might not be as cheap as people say that it is but compared to other setups, it can really provide a lot of bang for your buck and push you past the competition. It’s just so alluring when you take a look at all of the cars running it these days.

This time, we check out something that might not be exactly what you find under your hood, but let’s just say that it’s way at the top of the lineage that you fall into when you decide that it’s time for you to throw some spray into your personal equation.

The show is spectacular as we watch in on a demonstration from Nitrous Express as they like to put on a little bit of a spectacle to advertise their brand and we certainly have fallen right into the sensation for the eyes as 5000 horsepower worth of giggle gas is purged all at once, creating a frosty show of gas that goes so far as freezing the table and the switch beneath it. Now that is how you spray the house down!

Check out the demonstration down below that shows you how the nitrous can begin to flow. It’s a little bit more than you’d probably use in your application but gives you a good idea of what it all looks like under your hood. I’m not sure how you could watch something like this and not want to head out and pick some of the stuff up for your very own car. Maybe I’m just one for the theatrics, after all.

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