The BEST First Cars Under $5000

For many, picking out a first car is rather straightforward. A lot of youngsters will ...

For many, picking out a first car is rather straightforward. A lot of youngsters will only have a very limited budget to go off of and what they end up getting is dictated by the lack of money that they have but if you’re able to pony up a little bit extra cash, there are actually some pretty decent cars that you might find yourself putting around in.

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This time, Parker from Vehicle Virgins lays out his list of some of the best cars for a first timer with the price tag not exceeding $5000. That might not seem like a ton of dough but when you’re willing to get a little bit creative, you can come up with some pretty good deals.

With everything from a older BMW M3 all the way to a Ford Taurus and everything in between, we check out some of the selections that could be viable first cars as viewed through the eyes of both teenagers and parents because you know that, for most kids, opinions with their parents will tend to clash on a topic like this.

Check out the list down below with the reasoning for each car and be sure to tell us if any of these cars fit into your top five list. If not, what vehicles, in particular, would you choose to have on your top five list of vehicles that can be had for under $5000?

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