Street Outlaws Kamikaze in the El Camino vs The World!

When it comes to those hitting the drag strip for battle in the eighth mile, we have ...

When it comes to those hitting the drag strip for battle in the eighth mile, we have to admit that Kamikaze Chris is probably one of our favorites to watch as he rips down the racing surface in his Chevrolet El Camino, affectionately known as “the Elco” that is most definitely a showstopper.

This time, we’re able to follow along with Kamikaze at the Outlaw Armageddon no prep event as he puts that incredibly effective machine to the test against a variety of competitors and we have to say that the old Chevy is looking mighty fine as it holds its own quite well. It’s definitely cool to watch because there are very few that run a vehicle as unique as this old El Camino. In a world of the same thing over and over again, it’s definitely a breath of fresh air!

This video gets us straight to the action, showing off a collection of races that really have us locked in to see what exactly it is that is going to happen next. We get the chance to check out how the car does against Swamp Thing before continuing on and going down the track more! Don’t blink because you might miss something out of this blazing fast Elco.

Bear witness to the G-body blitz down in the video below that puts on display the El Camino that we all know and love and it appears to be working as good as ever. If you’re a fan of this flat black Chevy, then pull up a chair because this one is really about to get good! We have to say that  Chris really has this thing dialed in and stacking up quite nicely against the competition. It looks like the no prep surface might have been a bit rough this go around, but you still have to enjoy watching this thing in motion!

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