Prevent Catalytic Converter Theft

When it comes to the parts that are commonly stolen off of a car or truck, the ...

When it comes to the parts that are commonly stolen off of a car or truck, the catalytic converter has always been one that is a target for more experienced thieves because they know that, inside, lies precious metals that can be redeemed for pretty good value.

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I’m not sure that the threat of having your cat stolen is really high enough for most people to get out there and put a protection system in place but if it is, then using something like the Cat Strap might just help out to deter and potentially stop thieves right in their tracks when they try to cut into your exhaust.

This time, we take a step inside of the invention that basically puts materials in place that are more difficult to cut and thus should give a criminal a hard enough time to the point where they will decide just leave your converter alone and be on their way while cutting their losses.

Check out the video down below that shows you how cat strap could possibly help you. What are your thoughts on this invention? Do you think that it could work in a situation where your car is under attack? Would you ever buy something like this to install on your vehicle?

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