Nicest Police Officer Ever Gets to Go For a Drive in a Lamborghini

When you get behind the wheel of a fast and flashy car like a Lamborghini Huracán, ...

When you get behind the wheel of a fast and flashy car like a Lamborghini Huracán, you already know that you’re signing up to be a cop magnet. With the way that these things look, absolutely everyone out on the roadways is going to be looking your way and that includes law enforcement.

This time, we check out a situation between a police officer and the driver of a Lamborghini that pans out a little bit differently than you might imagine as this officer approaches him about the rally that he’s on with other expensive cars just like his.

Instead of grilling the driver about how he and his friends might be driving, the officer takes a friendlier approach, politely encouraging the driver to spread the word with the rally about driving carefully after the police had received a couple of calls about them maybe not being careful enough on the roadways.

Afterward, the driver gives the officer an opportunity that he most certainly didn’t expect when he asks him to get inside and take the exotic supercar for a spin! That is most certainly a scene that you don’t see every day and the ultimate sign of respect! Check out the video below for yourself and be sure to tell us what you think of this unconventional run in with the law.


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