Neodymium Magnets Reaching Terminal Velocity

As neodymium magnets are the “strongest type of permanent magnet commercially ...

As neodymium magnets are the “strongest type of permanent magnet commercially available,” you’d imagine that they would be used in many situations including those created by people who are looking to have a fun little experiment unfold their very own garage. This time, we take a look at the super strong magnets as they’re put up against some compressed air to see where their limits of magnetism truly lie. How much force will it take from compressed air for these things start to break apart? Will they ever break apart or just continue to bond to one another?

Even though they do claim to be some of the strongest magnets that money can buy, there has to be breaking point somewhere. While they might be tough to pull apart by hand, will they be though to break apart if they are spun to magnificent rpm by compressed air? There’s only one way to find out that’s to head into the garage to do a little bit of experimenting and that’s exactly what this guy does as he breaks out the air and starts making this giant clot of magnets twirl away with great speed!

Check out the video below is the magnet clot spins and spins until eventually can’t take it anymore and eventually separates in every which direction. I’m not sure exactly what this accomplished or found out but watching these things get all wound up like this is really interesting to watch! Check out the video below as we think that you will be about as mesmerized with the displays we were. It’s hard to explain but watching this unfold is pretty interesting for almost no reason at all. Be sure to tell us what you gathered from seeing this giant mass of magnets spun to oblivion in front of your eyes!

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