NASCAR Drivers Expose Secrets to New Nascar Movie!

Out there on the track, when it comes to race, NASCAR drivers really have a lot on ...

Out there on the track, when it comes to race, NASCAR drivers really have a lot on their plate and have to take life incredibly seriously even in between, I would imagine that life is pretty serious as they hit the road, traveling from state to state to get to the next race and stay focused to try and keep their hive dollar race teams on schedule. Nobody wants to go out there and squander all of that money away so they need to really stay on task as they keep their stuff together. However, this time, we get to take a chance to catch up with the drivers as they’re able to let their hair down a little bit and be a little bit less serious about life.

This time, we get the opportunity to check out a behind the scenes peek at the upcoming Logan Lucky movie. The flick is all about a couple of brothers who are attempting to carry out a heist during a NASCAR race and the movie just so happens to feature a whole collection of NASCAR drivers with minor roles. Little Easter eggs like this present some of the most respected drivers in the game acting as security guards and other background characters surely is a treat for fans to say the least. Who knows, maybe a line or two here and there will be a big acting break for one of these NASCAR superstars to observe once their career on the race track comes to a close.

Check out the video below that will have some of your favorites from on the track breaking out their acting chops and giving us a little bit of insight as to what exactly might be going on when it comes time to hit the silver screen. After seeing this little preview of what exactly the guys are thinking about their work that went into the upcoming movie, be sure to tell us if you think this is something that you’re going to end up catching when it hits theaters on August 18th.

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