McLaren Owner FREAKS When He Catches Valet Driver Coming back from a Joy Ride

When you toss your keys to the valet, the person who has the one and only job of ...

When you toss your keys to the valet, the person who has the one and only job of parking your car in gear retrieving it for you, you would expect that they would treat the car with the utmost respect, doing nothing more than driving it straight to the parking spot and straight back so that you can get in and go about your day.

This time, however, when the owner of this McLaren went out to retrieve his car to find what he perceived to be as the valet coming back from a joyride, let’s just say that he might have freaked out just a little bit. If what he thought was true, I can’t really say that I blame him for reacting in the way that he did.

Someone on the scene saw the incident going down and decided to whip out their cell phone to record the action as this guy completely blows a fuse when he stumbles upon the car coming back in. I’m not necessarily finding this valet guilty or anything but with all of the videos out there of valet drivers getting caught up in situations like this, you really would think that they would be a little bit more careful.

You can check out the reaction down in the video below as this guy snaps and isn’t holding back one ounce of the anger! Be sure to tune in and tell us what you think of how he reacted to the whole situation. Do you think that the valet had it coming or that this man might have been taking things a little bit too seriously?

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