Mazda Miata Drift Cut Short by Police… Funny!

Some drivers head up the twisty roads in the California hills to do little spirited ...

Some drivers head up the twisty roads in the California hills to do little spirited driving and even sliding through the corners to refine their drifting technique. This often prompts locals to break out the camera and video the action from the many overlooks along the picturesque roads. Knowing the drivers are often out there ripping up the roads, the California Highway Patrol often sets up to catch these drivers in the act, and sometimes everything comes together at the right time and we are given a little gift like the clip below.

The driver of this red Miata comes screaming around a corner, oblivious to the CHP cruiser set up just around the bend. As he hits the corner and starts to kick out the rear end, he sees the police and quickly rolls out of the throttle, but at that point, his rear end is kicked out and his tires are fighting for traction, prompting the siren and light show from the cop, who pulls the driver over just a few yards up the road.

The camera guy and his buddies share a chuckle at the drivers misfortune, and laugh again as the officer approaches the car and asks that ubiquitous cop question, “Do you know why I pulled you over?” We have to assume the driver has a pretty good idea why he’d been stopped.

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