LSX Swapped Monte Carlo SS Roasts The Tires!

It’s getting harder and harder to stand out in the world of LS swapped rides, but ...

It’s getting harder and harder to stand out in the world of LS swapped rides, but this one right here definitely grabbed our attention. We don’t know anything at all about this car as far as specs or components the owner used, but we do know a few things just by looking and by the video’s caption on YouTube.

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The most obvious thing we can tell is that this is a Monte Carlo, one of GM’s most beloved G-Body models. We have seen Monte Carlos with all kinds of themes, from Shane Stack’s twin-turbocharged radial-tire monster to donkey out Monte’s laying down some killer passes despite riding on massive wheels. There’s really no right or wrong way to mod a Monte, as long as you build it the way YOU want it built.

This guy, who’s name we don’t know unfortunately, took a pretty cool approach that we definitely approve of. Instead of going flashy and in-your-face, he took the low-key approach, keeping the paint a simple, clean solid coat of black and some perfectly chosen rally wheels. The car has a bit of an “undercover cop car” look to it, but that insane cam tells you there’s more going on here than a stock LS swap.

As he backs out of the driveway and pulls up beside the cameraman, you can hear the healthy LS power plant chopping hard. Then, as soon as he drops the hammer, the engine roars to life and sounds ridiculously strong as the rear tires erupt into tiresmoke and the big G-Body hauls ass down the street. We love to see guys take a build in a different direction than the prevalent trends, and this certainly falls into that category and we love it! If anybody out there has more info about this build, let us know. We’d love to know the cam specs if nothing else, that thing sounds wicked!

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