Lifted Dodge Cummins Pulls Out Stuck Chevy Truck in the Snow

It’s a matter of shame when a truck of one brand gets stuck and has to be ...

It’s a matter of shame when a truck of one brand gets stuck and has to be extracted by another make of pickup. With fierce rivalries that run through generations of fathers and sons and have caused a whole market of window decals to flourish, the last thing any pickup owner wants to do is rely on another to tow him back to sure-footedness.

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That is exactly what happens in the clip below, where we find a Silverado stuck deep in the snow. Unable to remove himself on his own, the Chevy owner has to relent and call for help from a friend in a lifted Dodge Ram to yank him from the snow bank. With straps in place, the Dodge tries pulling the Silverado out backward first, but that didn’t go so well. The Ram swaps ends and yanks the front of the mired Silverado, finally pulling it to freedom.

Hopefully the Chevy owner’s pride wasn’t too badly hurt after having to call on the Ram for help. Maybe one day he will have a chance to repay the favor and earn back his pride.

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