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If you travel across the country, you’ll find tons of street racing scenes with ...

If you travel across the country, you’ll find tons of street racing scenes with all kinds of different cars. No matter where you go, there’s bound to be some good racing action if you know exactly where to look and this time, we get a peek inside of just that right spot as we’re taken inside of some good old fashioned street racing action complete with smack talk and all.

This time, the Big Rob Entertainment YouTube Channel takes us to the scene to see the place where the action is happening as a whole collection of Kansas City street racers come out with their cars, their egos, and a little bit of cash to throw down and get mixed up in a little bit of action.

In this one, it’s all about battling with the guy in the next lane over and with the surface at hand, struggling to gain traction and power their way all the way through the finish line. The streets are one of those surfaces where you never really know what’s going to happen and that’s what makes them so much more interesting to watch races on. A race could go perfectly straight or, a driver’s rear end could slide out and send them into the other car before you know it. That’s part of the appealing drama that goes hand in hand with the streets and makes everyone watch with their eyes peeled.

Check out the video below that takes you along for a whole host of street racing action that will make your head spin! These races are mighty close and some of them come right on down to the line! I hope you’re ready for a good old-fashioned street racing flick featuring all sorts of drama because all of the action is coming at you now!

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