How to Fix a Hole in a Tire… EASY?

If you haven’t watched the Crazy Russian Hacker, you’re missing out on one of the ...

If you haven’t watched the Crazy Russian Hacker, you’re missing out on one of the great guilty pleasures of YouTube. This guy is a great source of both information and entertainment, and we love to watch his channel for gems like this!

It seems our Russian friend was out riding his side by side when he picked up a nail in the tire, which is a surefire end to the fun of any good ride. Instead of going to buy a new tire or having a professional shop fix the puncture, CRH decided to fix it himself with a patch and plug kit. These kits are available at most any auto parts store and come with everything you need to plug or patch a tire, as long as the puncture isn’t in the sidewall.

After removing the nail from the tire, CRH grabs the file tool that comes with the kit and uses it to make the hole a little bigger. This also scuffs the rubber to give the plug a little more traction to help it hold when its put in place. Then he takes a plug and threads it into the t-handle plugging tool and jams it into the tire. It takes a little effort, to be sure, but it’s nothing any adult shouldn’t be able to handle. With the plug crammed into the hole, our friend pulls the handle out and is left with a freshly plugged tire.

From there, all he has to do is trim the excess off of the ends of the plug and reinflate the tire. Once he makes sure the plug is sealed properly, he is free to head back to the trails.

The kit also included patches for an inner tube-style tire, but those are a little more complicated to fix, although it’s still something most anybody should be able to handle. Thanks as always to Crazy Russian Hacker for this informative and entertaining video! We look forward to seeing what you come up with next.

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