How in the World Did THis Man Pick Up a Tesla For Less than $6500?

In the landscape of cars today, anything that rolls off of a Tesla assembly line ...

In the landscape of cars today, anything that rolls off of a Tesla assembly line really manages to be an amazing machine and these vehicles are definitely worthy of a little bit of praise because of that. The Tesla nameplate promises not only a fully electric car, but also a fully electric car that accomplishes a lot more than any of its predecessors in terms of performance both in range and racing applications, surprisingly. In addition, it manages to look cool while doing so (or so says a rather large group of people willing to shell out the big bucks on one).

Many would have never thought that they would see the day where a big group of people would think that an electric vehicle would widely be accepted as cool but, you’d venture to think that lots of those people have since changed their minds. I don’t think that there are too many people who would resist having a Tesla in their very own garage, especially when it comes at a cost like what this guy managed to have invested in his.

No, he wasn’t shelling out $70,000 for the new Model S because let’s face it, there aren’t too many people who actually have that kind of loot to spend a car. However, with $6500, he was able to come up with a Tesla to call his own. The concept isn’t necessarily groundbreaking and it might have taken a couple of choice decisions and key steps to get there, but at the end of the day, just by looking at this thing, nobody would be able to tell any difference between it and a Tesla that was purchased straight from the factory as brand-new. Instead of just going straight to the assembly line and getting one for himself, this guy decided to pick up a flood victim and piece it together with another Tesla in order to make one perfectly functioning car.

Check out the video down below as the owner of this Frankenstein gives us the run down of exactly how he pieced together two different cars, coming up with one whole machine that is worthy of admiration. This just goes to show you that with a little mechanical know-how, you could have yourself a perfectly functioning machine for a fraction of the cost whether it be a Tesla or something else.

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