Here Comes The Boom! When Tires Attack!

Even though tires might seem like they’re made out of a material that’s ...

Even though tires might seem like they’re made out of a material that’s quite strong underneath of cars for thousands of miles providing them with a safe patch of rubber to cruise along on, there does come a point, however, where this material that takes a beating is no longer able to live up to the thrashing.

In this compilation video, we’re able to dive inside of a collection of scenarios where tires simply couldn’t live up to the pressure any longer, quite literally, as they become overinflated or simply have a failure in the design at which point, they can’t help but explode!


Some people got really close to the action here, almost too close as these tires sent out shrapnel with major pressure behind them and anyone who was in the way was at the liberty of wherever that rubber was going to fly. Luckily, it doesn’t look like anyone was injured too badly but it could’ve gotten really bad if some of these people were just a couple of feet in a different direction.

Check out this scary compilation down below that will take you inside of situations that spelled out life or death but instead just ended up with a rather intense scare and what looks like a shattered windshield or two. I guess these folks can consider themselves incredibly lucky that they got off this easily!

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