Guy Showing Off On ZX14R In Front of Crowd Regrets It When The Bike Explodes!

After all of the videos that we have featured of people showing off that have ended ...

After all of the videos that we have featured of people showing off that have ended badly with either something blowing up or a car wrecking into a crowd or some sort of other catastrophic failure, we have come up with three basic rules that we would recommend for anybody who was looking to put on a little bit of a show for the people around them in a public venue. These rules are the surefire way to make sure that you never unwillingly end up on the wrong side of a viral video that makes you look, well, you can insert your favorite adjective here.

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First, we would recommend knowing what the situation is all about. This can help you to gauge what’s safe and what’s not. Crashing in an open field is a lot less dangerous than crashing on a crowded street. Second, we would probably recommend that you know where your abilities lie and not passing that line. You’re going to want to be honest with yourself here. You definitely don’t want to do something that is beyond what your skill can account for. This is commonly what you see with those folks who get a little bit out of control near car shows and end up putting their vehicles into a crowd. Third, we would recommend preparing yourself for the worst case scenario. If you can accept the worst case scenario that will happen because of your actions, you’re good to go! Nothing is going to sneak up and surprise you here.

Check out the video below that has this motorcycle rider probably voiding at least one or two of these rules if not all of them. Maybe some would argue that he simply got caught in a bad situation but it would all end the same in any situation as he would rev the bike to the moon and it would result in the engine exploding on him, eventually catching fire on the scene.

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