Fully Custom All Metal RC Rat Rod Truck is Badass!

Just when you thought that rat rods were limited to full-size vehicles, we check out ...

Just when you thought that rat rods were limited to full-size vehicles, we check out a remote control rat rod that has been built from scratch with custom pieces from the ground up. This thing is incredibly cool and will demand the attention of whoever happens to have their eye caught by this crazy machine.

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In this particular clip, we get to check out a little bit of the construction process and some of the unique pieces that have been crafted together to bring this truck one step closer to its finished state. When pieces like a cut up toaster are being used to create parts of this rig, you have to admit that the process gets quite innovative.

Now, the concept of a rat rod is taking all kinds of various parts and bringing them together to create something one-of-a-kind and that line of thought stays true here as well, but as you can imagine, with a smaller build comes smaller pieces and even more creativity to the table.

Check out the video down below that will take you inside of exactly what it was that brought together the pieces that make up this cool little creation. It looks like the person building it is going into some pretty wild detail to make sure that this thing is a showstopper!

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