Fox News Anchor Feels the Rath of a Blue Angels 7.3 G’s… Knocked Out From The G Lock

Usually, when you see what some of the guys and girls are able to do up there behind ...

Usually, when you see what some of the guys and girls are able to do up there behind the controls of fighter jets, it’s truly impressive and not difficult to appreciate but sometimes, hard to put into perspective. While it’s probably difficult for anyone who has never flown in one of these things to be able to appreciate what the guys and gals who do fly the machines really go through, with videos like this, you’re able to get some sort of relatable vantage point for what these pilots go through as they whip these machines through the air, contorting them in every which way possible and seemingly defying physics as they carve through the sky like a hot knife through butter.

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This time, we follow along with a Fox News anchor as he heads up the Blue Angels, showing us what it would look like for a normal guy to get into the sky and experience some G-forces.

It looks like, in order to combat the G-forces, the human body has to flex its muscles and without flexing, you can withstand up to 4G is but this time, we’re going to see how exactly FOX6’s Jessob Reisbeck is able to take on 7.3Gs. At first, he does a pretty good job but, at one point in time, he ends up losing control and not being able to handle the Gs to the point where he loses consciousness.

Follow along in the video below that showcases this amateur’s experience into the world of the Blue Angels as he rides along and experiences the physical beating that any pilot to push one of these things has to go through every time they head up in the sky. We would be inclined to say that this isn’t just any other walk in the park, as these folks really go through their paces in order to keep their birds up in the sky.

Here it is… Watch this extended clip as FOX6's Jessob Reisbeck flies with the U.S. Navy Blue Angels. You'll want to stick around for when he and his pilot pulls 7.3 Gs. http://via.fox6now.com/L0DNS

Posted by FOX6 News Milwaukee on Thursday, July 13, 2017

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