Daily Driven Hellcat Plows Through a Foot of Snow!

Some of us hate snow, and some of us instantly become kids again at the sight of the ...

Some of us hate snow, and some of us instantly become kids again at the sight of the fluffy white stuff. Personally, I love snow for about 10 minutes, then I’m ready for it to melt away. At home in Alabama, we don’t usually get snow, we get “freezing rain” or sleet that makes everything an icy nightmare and driving all but impossible, not the fun kind of show like you see in this video below.

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These guys headed out to a parking deck in a ride that most wouldn’t think of for having fun in the snow, a 707 horsepower Hellcat Charger, but it turns out, when equipped with snow tires, the supercharged sedan in perfectly capable in the snow. Things get off to an impressive start, with the Charger charging up the ramp to the top deck of the parking garage, a climb most cars would have trouble with considering the snow is a foot deep. However, the blown Hemi engine sends more than enough power to the rear wheels, and those Blizzak snow tires wrapped around them, to push the car up the ramp and onto the top deck.

The driver whips a donut, then the camera guy exits to video the fun from outside the car. The driver proceeds to do exactly what all of us probably wish we could do in the snow and slips and slides and spins around all over the expansive parking area, slinging a rooster tail of snow behind what essentially becomes the worlds most powerful snow blower.

The driver spends a few more minutes doing donuts around the deck, then comes back to pick up his passenger and heads back down the ramp. They jump out and use their phones to give us a good indication of just how deep the snow really is, and proving that with the right tires, the Dodge Charger Hellcat is a perfectly capable daily driver no matter the conditions.


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