‘Crazy’ woman Hits Car Repeatedly in Creepy Road Rage Display

Road rage is a very strange beast. After featuring many road rage stories here on the ...

Road rage is a very strange beast. After featuring many road rage stories here on the pages of Speed Society, I can really say that it’s something that somehow manages the take people out of their normal being and act out in a completely different way. This time, we check in on a road rage display that ends up being pretty creepy. I’m not sure what’s going on here but this public outburst really managed to freak out another motorist.

We don’t exactly have the entire situation on camera but when the road rage began, it turned out that this guy pulled out his phone and got to recording as the woman stared deeply into his soul, banging on the hood and windshield as she laid across the front of the car and didn’t let the guy go anywhere! To top it all off, it seems like this is just some stupid argument over a parking spot to begin with and as the video continues, we learn the guy holding the camera is trying to do nothing more than drop the argument and leave!

Check out the obscure video below that shows off yet another different way of showing road rage that might just have your mind a little bit twisted. I’m not sure what I would even do in a position like this – I guess that the only way to find out what you’d really do would be to be immersed in a situation similar to this one. What do you think that you would do if you found yourself in the spot like this one?

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