Cop Gives Trash Talking Mustang Driver Plenty of Chances, Driver Truly Earns Trip to Jail

Whenever we see a situation where somebody gets put in a bad spot, we always like to ...

Whenever we see a situation where somebody gets put in a bad spot, we always like to give that person the benefit of the doubt. You never really know the supporting details that go into a certain series of events and you can’t really tell much from a real video at times, however, sometimes, it really goes beyond reasonable doubt that someone is, well, for lack of better words, a really big idiot. That’s not a phrase that we normally break out, either, as it’s reserved for some of the worst offenders but sometimes you really can’t fathom what the heck is going through someone’s head and thus, we have an offender who really fits the bill perfectly.

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The events leading up to this point seem to be quite normal. What you should probably know is that a driver had been pulled over, thanks to speeding in order to pass another driver, really clocking up the radar gun as they reached almost 100 mph! That wasn’t really the main story here, but instead, we learn that the other driver who had been passed decided to also pull over to have a word with the driver inside of a car that was doing the passing and getting the ticket. Instead of immediately ticketing the driver of the Ford Mustang who had pulled over on the shoulder to essentially talk smack, an illegal act, the police officer leveled with the driver and gave her the opportunity to drive away, even going so far as offering to deliver a message to the driver that he was ticketing.

However, instead of simply giving a message to the officer to relay and being on her way, free of any ticket or jail time, this driver would continue to stay on the scene, believe it or not, attempting to walk back to the other car and lean in the window to run her mouth. As the scene would play out, we would soon learn that the officer, after several attempts to avoid arresting this young lady, he would eventually end up slapping her in handcuffs and taking her to jail. We can’t say that we’ve ever seen a situation that was a more clear cut case of walking your way directly into a completely avoidable situation.

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