Avoid These Mistakes When Spraying Primer on a Car!

If you have never painted on a large scale before, I could see how will be incredibly ...

If you have never painted on a large scale before, I could see how will be incredibly easy to think that the process is as simple as spraying down paint and letting it dry, welcoming yourself to the perfect finish without very much work. However, over here in the land that we fondly call “reality,” that’s about as far from the truth as it could possibly get.

If you ever have laid down paint, whether it be through some sort of professional paint gun or even something as simple as a spray can, you realize that finding a way to mess up the perfect paint job is a lot easier than it might look. One step in the wrong direction and you have a drip, run, or some kind of weird color effect going on but you really don’t want to come through in your finished product.

When talking about automotive paint, in order to get to the perfect paint job, most professionals will tell you that it all starts with a good base and that means laying down the primer in just the right way. This step might seem simple, but it’s really one that could make or break a paint job. Again, even though this isn’t the color coat, it’s something else that can easily be messed up if you aren’t careful with it.

Follow along in the video down below that takes you through the step-by-step process that gives you some insight on how you can avoid your base for all of the paint cracking or rising in ways that you don’t want it to because the last thing that you want to do is get several steps ahead in the process, wrapping everything up only to find that days or weeks later, everything is beginning to fall apart.

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