800HP Evo 8 vs the world – Kawasaki H2 vs Baltic Supra 200mph Street Race!

When the guys from That Racing Channel decided to load up and head to Mexico ...

When the guys from That Racing Channel decided to load up and head to Mexico recently, their ride of choice for the trip was this wicked 800+ horsepower Mitsubishi EVO. As you’d expect, the EVO had no trouble lining up several races, plus there’s some bonus footage thrown in at the end for good measure.

First up for the EVO, a seemingly stock Nissan GTR. Rolling into the throttle on the third honk, the GTR quickly falls behind the Mitsu like it tossed an anchor, setting the tone for the rest of the evening. Up next, the closest race of the evening goes off when the EVO lines up with a bolt-on Hayabusa. The two wheeled rocketship stays locked wheel-to-wheel with the angry EVO, with the bike pulling ahead only after the car backed out of the throttle.

Up next, a twin turbo Camaro cranking out 850 horsepower is no match for the EVO, so they bring out a badass Cadillac CTS-V with a Dart block and ported blower. Despite being a deep-9 second car, the Caddy just can’t hang with the Mitsubishi, ending the night for the EVO with nothing but wins and a too-close-to-declare-a-winner race with the ‘Busa.

Finally, to close out the night, a Kawasaki Ninja H2 lines up with the sinister Baltic Supra for a couple of roll races. The Supra has 1,150 horsepower on tap and needs every one of them to take down the bolt-on H2, which hangs right in there with the top-end monster. Finally, the Supra runs up through the gears and hits the magical 200 MPH mark on the highway, ending the night’s festivities in grand fashion. What an amazing collection of races, each of them getting progressively better and better as the night went on. Thanks, as always, to TRC for their awesome footage from across the border.

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