21 Years of General Lee Jumps in One Video! 🎥

When you think of television shows and movies that are able to transcend generations, ...

When you think of television shows and movies that are able to transcend generations, the boys from Hazzard County is most certainly a group that comes to mind. While recently, they might have caused a little drama in the news here and there, you can’t deny what the show has done as it has been on-air for years and created multiple spinoffs including movies and all sorts of different entertainment inspired by the Dukes of Hazard. This time, it looks like somebody took the time to compile some of their best moments all into one, taking out the time consumption element of watching the whole thing and bringing you the action all in one video.

It looks like the person behind this one had to be a pretty big Dukes fan as they had taken the time to collect all kinds of different media and compile a video of every jump that the General Lee had made in seasons one through seven of the show and even the movies! It’s really neat to see how, over time, the jumps just keep on evolving. We all know that the Dodge Charger was known best for its ability to clear all the jumps time after time, but, the car just couldn’t just leap over the same thing as the crew had to keep on bringing new stunts for the machine to roll through.

Check out the video below that will take you inside of the whole collection, documenting what many would call some of the best moments in the whole Dukes of Hazzard library. I think that the General Lee probably gathered together a bigger following than all of the actors combined did and this video might just show you why. Throughout this series, they really put that car through the wringer. Come to think of it, they probably should have come up with a suspension sponsor for that old school muscle machine!

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